with Gemma
A natural approach
to pregnancy and childbirth

For most women having a baby should be the most natural thing
in the world and Gemma Cole, founder of Bristol-based Hypnobirthing with Gemma, believe that's how it should stay.

Gemma believes in a holistic approach to care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the
first few weeks following the birth.
A fully qualified midwife Gemma
is currently practicing within the NHS. 

Hypnobirthing With Gemma
is a complete antenatal education programme, giving you all need to know about pregnancy, birth and bonding with your baby. 

The course uses knowledge, information and deep-relaxation techniques, including
self-hypnosis, to empower women and their families and support them in their preparation for a gentle, enjoyable birth without fear.

Qualified in HypnoBirthing® and aromatherapy Gemma actively encourages women to embrace childbirth as a positive and wonderful experience.
She has helped hundreds of women achieve the birth experience they wanted as her testimonials show.


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Email gemma@hypnobirthingwithgemma or call 0786 7784214
 for more information
about our natural approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

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